Success Stories

Ryan's Story

At the age of 18, Ryan became homeless. Forced to leave their home, he and his father had no place to go.

Mary's Story

Mary was taken from her parents at the age of four due to violence in the home. 

Marty's Story

Marty entered the VOH program last year with a mountain of burdens on his shoulders. In…

Dawn's Story

“My name is Dawn, and this is my story…I left my home when I was 21 years old. I wasn’t sure…

Davids's Story

I was taken from my home and entered foster care when I was 14 years old

Del’Monte's Story

At the age of 19, Del’Monte had aged out of a local group home and was trying to make it on…

Enzo's Story

Enzo came to Villages of Hope almost two years ago; he had aged out of foster …

Gychnader's Story

As a young boy, Gychnayder (“G”) came to the United States from Haiti to live with his…