Marty's Story

Marty's Picture

Marty entered the VOH program last year with a mountain of burdens on his shoulders. In addition to family and personal struggles, he had accumulated over $6,000 in credit card debt. With no income at the time, it seemed unlikely that he would ever pay it off. Marty was quickly connected with our team of volunteers and mentors and was able to find a steady job. He also started some college courses in areas of study that sparked his interest. With his outlook turning towards the positive, it was time to address that overwhelming debt he continued to carry. Through the help of field-specific volunteers and our Residential Manager, Marty’s debt was analyzed and broken down into to more manageable pieces. It certainly was not easy making the commitment to put his income towards bills before fun, but with the right support, he stayed focused on his goal of being debt-free. Now, Marty is one month away from having all of his credit card debt paid off! Every sacrifice was worth it knowing that he will graduate from our program with no financial burdens and a drastically improved credit score. He now has the confidence and know-how to make better decisions with his money and, though difficult, the entire experience provided an invaluable life lesson. Thank you for choosing Marty.

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