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Kathleen Speh Frazier
Board Member

Kathleen Speh Frazier transplanted to Florida nearly 14 years ago from Chicago. During her time in Chicago, she graduated from Dominican University with both a Bachelor Degree in Business and later a Master of Business degree. During this time she was busy raising four children and working in several computer software companies in marketing and sales. She eventually went on to form her own marketing consulting company, Technical Concepts which advised software and hardware companies. Later, after moving to Florida, she owned and managed an art gallery in Boca Raton.

She has previously served on the board of the Chicago Chapter of Unicef, raising funds for children in impoverished areas in Africa. Since moving to Florida she became involved with several fundraising opportunities that dealt exclusively with hurting and abused children. When Kathleen heard about a new children’s foster care community opening up her first response was to immediately get involved. Since she had previous experience with fundraising she involved herself with those events at Place of Hope, chairing several of them over a period of ten years. Kathleen continues to serve at Place of Hope as a mentor to youth, fundraiser and board member.

Her favorite pastimes are spending time with her three grandchildren, dancing, cooking and reading. The motto she tries to live by and instill into her children is: You earn a living by what you get; you make a life by what you give.

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