The Impact


The Impact

Aged out foster youth and at-risk youth over 18 years old run a 30% risk of struggling with homelessness, 55% are unemployed, 60% become pregnant or incarcerated within 12-18 months of leaving structured care, and a staggering 63% do not complete high school. Villages of Hope provides a continuum of care for these at-risk youth transitioning into healthy adulthood. We have created a unique environment which allows for healing, growth, education, development and independence.

By participating in our One Life campaign, you are coming along side us in our mission to provide a foundation, develop skills, gifts and talents, and model what it looks like to be a thriving member of our community. Your support directly impacts our future and our community. Every contribution perpetuates a legacy of hope and life.

Here is how your involvement and investment can have a specific impact

$50 Birthdays
$60 Welcome Basket
$75 Emergency Food Costs
$80 Educational Support
$100 New Bedding
$120 Transportation
$150 Independent Living Training
$200 Initial Independence

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