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Across our region, there are as many as 2,000 homeless families and individuals on any given day. Their life circumstances are all unique, but their need for a supportive community is undeniable. At Villages of Hope, we are committed to strengthening families and ensuring the well-being of homeless young adults in our community. With their primary need of housing met, these individuals and families are offered the skills and support necessary to live with dignity, independence and stability.

Comprehensive and effective independent living transition services are key to helping families and youth function optimally in all areas of life. With a focus on pursuing an education, finding a job, obtaining suitable housing, and protecting their health and well-being, our goal-oriented, voluntary programs encompasses six areas of measurable growth and success, all closely monitored during a resident’s stay in the program:




Health: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual

Financial Stability

Personal Responsibility

Please fill out our Independent Living Application to apply for our Villages of Hope program.

Email your application to Theresa Peak at theresap@villagesofhope.net, fax it to 561-557-8949 or mail it to: Theresa Peak, 3551 Burma Circle, FL


There are over half a million children in America’s foster care system. Many will reside in care far too long and eventually “age out” of the system. The sense of hopelessness and despair can be overwhelming and the impacts can be far greater than the immediate, visible effects.

Without basic life skills, youth who leave care can have difficulty finding safe housing, getting and keeping a steady job, staying healthy, and avoiding financial and legal trouble. There is often no one with whom they share small successes or from whom advice can be sought. Simple emergencies can easily escalate into full-blown crises.

Comprehensive and effective independent living transition services are key to helping youth function as productive citizens and to acquiring skills necessary for pursuing an education, finding a job, obtaining suitable housing, and protecting their health and well-being when they leave the foster care system.

  • 1 in 5 will become homeless after the age of 18
  • Only half will be employed at the age of 24
  • <3% will earn a college degree
  • 71% of young women will be pregnant by age 21
  • 1 in 4 will experience PTSD

At Villages of Hope, our youth are breaking those statistics!

98% of our youth are employed

91% of our youth are enrolled in post-secondary education

99% are debt free or have paid their debt in full

97% of our youth visited a dentist

100% of our youth either obtained or maintained stable housing and successfully transitioned to healthy independence

97% of our youth have made contributions towards their savings account!

100% of our youth received a physical exam

100% either received their high school diploma/GED or are working to complete their high school diploma/GED


Villages of Hope provides independent living residential support and essential life-skills development for emancipated foster youth and other homeless youth in need. We are dedicated to providing a supportive and proactive living and learning environment for youth who “age out” of the state’s foster care system. We are committed to meeting a desperate need in our community by sharing God’s love, supporting the transition to adulthood, and building hope one young adult at a time.

“Keep me safe, O God, for in you I find refuge.” – Psalm 16:1

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To guide youth in developing their God-given potential by mastering the life-skills necessary for successful independence.

With regard to the youth in our Village, we strive to build hope rather than despair, potential rather than limitations, healing rather than hurting, belonging rather than isolation, independence rather than dependence, and what the future can be, rather than what the past has been

Our Team

Charles L. Bender, III

Founding CEO

Shannon J. Anderson


Theresa Peak

Director – Villages of Hope Independent Living